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Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite Phototherapy System
Maternal-Infant Care
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  • Description:

• Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite Phototherapy System: Hyperbilirubinemia treatment in a new light
• The Giraffe* Blue Spot PT Lite phototherapy system combines exceptional performance with the patient
friendly focus that’s the hallmark of Giraffe infant-care product. It offers a powerful light intensity across a large spot for full body surface coverage.

• Product Features: Advanced technology for high performance
- Powerful light intensity across a large spot for full body surface coverage in a compact package with modern and innovative design
- Phototherapeutic Blue LED Light in one lamp only

• High irradiance 45 µW.cm-2.nm-1 @ H = 38 cm
• Narrow spectral band/wavelength: 430-490 nm
• Larger Spot size ‘D’: 14” or 999cm² at 35cm
- Lightweight package, innovative gooseneck design

• Focused light therapy directed at the patient minimizing undesired exposure : offers excellent light uniformity across a large spot for full body surface coverage and effective dosage
• Attaches easily to Panda and Giraffe Beds to save valuable NICU space
- Lower Total Cost of Ownership

• Significant bulb cost savings, lasts up to 10 000 hrs
• Significantly less in-service costs (device downtime) than halogen and fluorescent bulbs
- Double intensive phototherapy : If double phototherapy is warranted in an intensive care setting, BiliSoft,
along with Giraffe® Spot PT Lite, can effectively provide double intensive phototherapy treatment.

•Technical Specifications:
- Spectral irradiance : 45 μW.cm-2.nm-1 +25%/-20% (measured after a five minute warm-up on a new unit with
a new bulb, 38 cm from lens to spot center
- Bulb type: Blue LED
- Nominal bulb life: 10,000 hours*
- The Blue Spot PT is also compact, lightweight and exceptionally quiet
- Its compact size and flexible mounting options allow for fast, easy positioning, to save both valuable time and space

• Installation & Training:
For installation and Training, please refer to the operator’s manual

• The right solution for you
- For smallest/most critical patients
- Innovative design - precise positioning without any access/visibility interference
- Whenever a Carestation is required: One Baby. One Bed. One PT system
- Combined with a flexible pad PT for double PT
- Low cost of ownership, 3 years warranty extension

 • The dovetail rail mounting option and roll stand option allow the Giraffe Blue Spot PT System to be adapted to numerous units as
- Giraffe Incubator Carestation & Legacy
- Giraffe OmniBed Carestation & Legacy
- Panda Warmer •Giraffe Warmer

* IEC standards recommend bulb replacement at 25% output reduction, which corresponds to 27 uW.cm-2.nm-1 and occurs at approximately 10,000 hours. However, sufficient irradiance for effective phototherapy continues well after 25% reduction

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