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CARESCAPE V100 with GE Trusignal Spo2 and Temporal Scanner
Vital Signs Monitors
Vital Signs Monitors
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  • Description:
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  • CARESCAPE V100 with GE Trusignal Spo2 and Temporal Scanner
  • The CARESCAPE* V100 monitor is designed for care areas where patients require vital signs measurements.

  • Product Features:
    Can be used for spot-checking or for continuous monitoring, providing you the flexibility of a “2 in 1” device
    Designed for adult and pediatric use, as well as neonatal patients with very low perfusion rates
    Non-invasive blood pressure measurement uses GE’s exceptional DINAMAP* technology
    Allows for inflation setpoints, so you can be sensitive to patients’ special circumstances and ensure their comfort
    Large display makes it easy to read even from a distance
    Stores up to 40 measurements for up to 24 hours
    Temporal Scanner: Exergen** Temporal Scanner is easy to use, ergonomically shaped and lightweight for comfort.
    Non-invasive blood pressure measurement u

  • Technical Specifications:
    SuperSTAT NIBP algorithm
    - GE Trusigal* SpO2
    Exergen Temporal Scanner temporal artery thermometer
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 19.5 x 21.9 x 13.5 cm
    Weight 2.4 kg (5.4 lbs) including battery
    Warranty:2-year parts and labor warranty
    Portability Carried by recessed handle or on a roll stand
    GE TRusignal* Cable & Sensor, Adult Dura-Cuf, 12 ft Hose, 2T, Screw Connector, Ops Manual, Service CD,

    Installation & Training:
    Includes: DVD CARESCAPE* V100 Training video (UK) free of charge code DVD-V100-ENG-0413
    For further in-depth information, please refer to the operator’s manual.

This part may be compatible with the following systems. You should check your owner's manual to confirm.

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